A new definition of security - 2024 model now available

THALAMUS - Autonomous Security Robot

The Next Generation of Autonomous Security Robots

Designed to ensure the surveillance of sensitive sites, the THALAMUS is manufactured in France, in Valence and Angoulême, with high-end components and the will to meet the requirements of the security industry

A Quadruple Mission

Increase Security Efficiency

Our autonomous security robot uses advanced sensors and AI algorithms to continuously monitor and patrol, improving security protocols.


Reduce Operating Costs

By seamlessly integrating with existing security structures, our robot optimises resource allocation, reducing unnecessary expenditure on human staff and manual surveillance.

Reduce Incident Response Time

By quickly identifying potential threats, THALAMUS quickly transmits realtime alerts to security staff, reducing incident response times and ensuring a rapid and accurate reaction.


Reduce Risks To Personnel

Thanks to its ability to navigate in a wide variety of environments and deal with potential hazards, our robot significantly reduces the need for human presence in high-risk situations, thereby protecting staff.

An imposing machine

With its 250 kg, its 2.3 meters length, and its top speed of 30 km/h, the THALAMUS has a dissuasive function as important as its primary functions of detection and communication.

Thanks to its two artificial intelligence modules and its original concept of motricity, the THALAMUS patrols day and night autonomously on difficult terrain.

Intelligence and Efficiency

The robot is equipped with 5 infrared cameras, including a remote-controlled PTZ camera, giving it a 360° view. All feeds are recorded in HD and analyzed in real time on-board the robot by a powerful artificial intelligence algorithm, enabling it to identify whether people, vehicles, animals or objects should not be present in a protected area. In the event of an incident, it triggers a silent alarm, or an audible and visual alarm, with pre-recorded messages.

A Tropicalized Version to Stop at Nothing

Reinforced against heat, humidity and dust, the THALAMUS TROPICAL is built to withstand the most hostile environmental constraints. Its camera can withstand winds of up to 245 km/h, and the robot’s 250 kg weight gives it the stability it needs to continue working in all circumstances.

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