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A unique under vehicle scanning system (UVSS) now represented in France by Glocal Robotics Europe


In its mission to provide safety solutions for the protection of sensitive sites, Glocal Robotics has designed the THALAMUS™ robot, the first line of perimeter security defense. But Glocal Robotics Europe also offers in France another surveillance solution with the UVSS (Under Vehicle Scanning System) [UVSS Website for France, in French only] line, a vehicle chassis inspection system from Vehant Technologies manufactured in Holland. The company is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of automated security and surveillance systems using artificial intelligence and deep learning technology.

In a context where organizations are facing increasing and varied threats, the new generation of UVSS equipment performs detection functions at guard posts that are almost impossible to perform by agents. Indeed, while hundreds, if not thousands, of vehicles must be checked every day by the agents in charge of securing the entry and exit of a site, the discovery of an object hidden under the vehicle is very unlikely using mirrors on wheels or camera systems filming the chassis in a conventional way. These objects that are being sought to be identified could be contraband, a GPS beacon, an explosive device of course, or even a human hidden behind the axle of a truck. The other difficulty for the guard post is to make sure that the vehicle in the entrance of the site is the one registered in his records.

To increase the efficiency of vehicle inspection, Vehant Technologies has developed UVSS systems with HD cameras, sensors and lighting that take high fidelity composite images of the chassis which are then processed by software that allows easy detection of foreign objects. Glocal Robotics Europe, which is the exclusive agent of Vehant Technologies for the French market, is proud to introduce to the French market two products from the UVSS range that cover different types of surveillance needs.

The NuvoScan™ model is an automated portable UVSS that produces a high-resolution color composite image. Easily relocated for rapid deployment, the NuvoScan™ can be used to meet ad hoc needs. Using area scan imaging technology, this system synthesizes the captured visual information and produces a high-quality composite image of the underside of the vehicle. Various options, such as license plate reading software, a camera to film the driver, or a chassis comparison system, make this UVSS almost as advanced as a permanent system.

The other piece of equipment offered by Glocal Robotics Europe is downright revolutionary. It’s the DepScan™, a 3D UVSS that uses a world-unique system of analyzing composite images in the form of 3D point clouds of the vehicle’s chassis to measure the thickness of what appears to be an object in the image, but is, perhaps, just an oil or mud stain. In doing so, the DepScan™ reduces the proportion of false positives from 30 percent to 3 percent. Finally, vehicle inspection at the guardhouse can rhyme with efficiency!

Of course, the DepScan™ stereoscopic cameras must have different viewing angles to see in 3D, so this UVSS is installed inside a pit dug at the entrance to the site, making it permanent.

Of course, like the portable NuvoScan™ version, the DepScan™ offers the ability to do license plate reading, driver image capture and real-time comparative analysis with the vehicle registered in its database.

Contact us to learn more about Vehant Technologies UVSS solutions, as well as the THALAMUS™ robot, two complementary solutions for perimeter protection of sensitive sites.

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