THALAMUS 2024 is officially launched!

Almost three years after the release of the first version of our THALAMUS autonomous security robot, we revealed the 2024 model earlier this week, reinforcing the machine’s industry-leading position. “More, more, more” were the watchwords of all the engineers who worked on the project. Still built on a unique chassis – a pendular concept combined […]

A French perspective on the THALAMUS robot

The distributor of the THALAMUS robot for the French market, SCOPEX, has released a new clip that sums up the advantages of using an autonomous security robot like the THALAMUS.

THALAMUS, imitated, but never equalled

In its spring issue, French security magazine PSM published a survey of the autonomous surveillance robots available in France. Only 5 robots are available on the market and, as always, the THALAMUS comes out on top. To date, it still has no equivalent in terms of performance and, although this is not so important, aesthetics […]

The THALAMUS in the field

Five months after its official launch, the THALAMUS continues to be put to the test in the field and never ceases to amaze us with its capabilities, both cognitive and kinetic. At the same time, the first feedbacks have already allowed us to improve the robot by replacing, for example, one of the servomotors which, […]

Training with the THALAMUS robot

In anticipation of the deliveries and demos planned for this fall, the SCOPEX team, distributor in France, came to spend a few days in Angoulême to familiarize themselves with the manual piloting of the THALAMUS robot and the creation of autonomous surveillance missions. On the menu of theoretical and practical trainings: the steps of the […]