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Glocal Robotics Europe takes a minority stake in TechNuCom, a Canadian robotics software development company


Glocal Robotics Europe announced today that it has made a minority investment in Canadian software development companyTechNuCom Inc. Based in the Montreal area, TechNuCom specializes in the development, configuration and implementation of robotic process optimization (RPA) software and custom API programming for management information systems and robotics.

TechNuCom is the designer of the controller, called C2M2H, which will equip the THALAMUSTM autonomous security robot, and whose function is to link the business logic with the navigation and detection systems that are embedded in the robot.

“Just like the Canadian arm that has become an indispensable tool of the International Space Station,” explains Renato Cudicio – president of Glocal Robotics Europe, “the C2M2H controller will be the main interface between the operators and the environment of our THALAMUS robot. “

Glocal Robotics Europe’s entry into TechNuCom’s capital confirms the desire to develop a transatlantic cooperation with Quebec, which has acquired in recent years a prominent place among the leaders in artificial intelligence and software development. It is also an opportunity for Glocal Robotics Europe to gain a foothold on the North American continent for the future distribution of the THALAMUS robot.