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THALAMUS 2024 is officially launched!

Almost three years after the release of the first version of our THALAMUS autonomous security robot, we revealed the 2024 model earlier this week, reinforcing the machine’s industry-leading position.

“More, more, more” were the watchwords of all the engineers who worked on the project.

Still built on a unique chassis – a pendular concept combined with four independent “legs” supporting the drive wheels – giving it a very animal look and exceptional off-road capabilities, the THALAMUS 2024 boosts detection and deterrence performance in the field.

Seeing further and with greater resolution is essential for a robot like this, which is designed to monitor very large perimeters. So we opted for a new military-standard PTZ camera with exceptional technical specifications. At the same time, we’ve also replaced the 360° view cameras with much more effective low-light sensors.

And because sight is life, we’ve also replaced the lighting on the robot with two rows of much more powerful spotlights, alternating infrared light to enable the robot to see at night like in daylight, and visible light for the security guards responsible for making verifications if a person is detected in an unauthorized area.

Add to this a new software and hardware system for greater precision in GPS navigation, and conversely the possibility of navigating without GPS; more sound power when it’s necessary to convey dissuasive messages; and greater flexibility in processing and accessing video images; and you have the recipe for the new THALAMUS 2024.

The first units are currently being manufactured in our Angoulême workshop and will be delivered in the coming weeks.

Distribution is handled by SCOPEX in France and the Maghreb countries, and by Glocal Robotics Europe in other countries.