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The THALAMUS in the field


Five months after its official launch, the THALAMUS continues to be put to the test in the field and never ceases to amaze us with its capabilities, both cognitive and kinetic.

At the same time, the first feedbacks have already allowed us to improve the robot by replacing, for example, one of the servomotors which, although already oversized, did not resist well to the intensive work during the manual control of the robot.

Another major change made to all the machines was the abandonment of the original camera model by a new manufacturer offering a much more powerful solution better suited to the AI processing we perform onboard the machine. Indeed, in a pure Edge Computing logic, 100% of the intelligence is embarked so that the machine is totally autonomous and its bandwidth consumption is reduced to a strict minimum.

Reliability, efficiency and frugality are the keywords of an autonomous security robot designed to monitor large areas on sensitive sites. This is the mantra of THALAMUS.